Welcome to BerryLand, where quality is grown!

2024 Strawberry season is coming soon!!!!

The brand-new strawberry patch is lookin’ berry amazing and we cannot wait to see you out at the patch! We are about a weekish away from the start of the season. Once the berries are ready, we will update that here!

Things to know:

-We provide containers for you to pick in at no extra charge that you get to take home.

-Once you have arrived there is a little red shed to the left that you will pull up to, you will be greeted there to get your containers and shown where to drive out to the patch and park. From there we have a field manager that will show you where and how to pick!

-Once the berries are ready, we will be open 6:30am-6:30pm every day of the week provided we have berries to pick. The patch is looking great so this should not be an issue, but it’s always a good rule of thumb to call before coming out if coming later in the day.

-Pre-picked orders please call/text Farmer Suzzy at 920-621-1148 to get on our pre-picked list now!

-For pre-picked order pickups, when you arrive pull straightforward and park right of the big red pole building. You can pick up your orders inside the building.

-Any questions or concerns please let us know! 920-621-1148 Farmer Suzzy or 920-621-6971 Farmer Andy.

We will see you soon! We are so “BERRY” excited!!!!!

BerryLand Strawberries
5810 Heimke Ln
Abrams, WI 54101

Farmer Suzzy (Suzanne): 920-621-1148
Farmer Andy: 920-621-6971


A few things to know:
-To order pre-picked asparagus and/or rhubarb please call/text Farmer Suzzy (Suzanne) at 920-621-1148 or the farm at 920-826-7297.
-When we have fresh asparagus and/or rhubarb, we will be open starting at 7:30am-5:30pm everyday of the week provided we have not been picked out.
-Call or check social media before coming out to make sure we still have asparagus/rhubarb available. 920-621-1148 or the farm at 920-826-7297.
-Call or check social media for the most up-to-date information.
-We will show you how to pick, no knives allowed & no waste! We pick it right where it’s tender!
-Bring a plastic grocery bag if you have one, otherwise we will provide them.

We are so excited to see you!!!!

For up-to-date information check social media:
BerryLand | Abrams WI | Facebook

BerryLand is located on both sides of Hwy. 41/141 at Abrams, Wisconsin. We have grown and sold our own fresh farm produce since 1980.

Map with names

BerryLand Seasons:
-Asparagus: May/June- WEST FRONTAGE
-Rhubarb: May/June-WEST FRONTAGE
-Strawberries: June/July-WEST FRONTAGE
-Pumpkins:  Mid/late-September thru October-EAST FRONTAGE
(Mini to giant pumpkins, squash, gourds, stalks, bales, fall decorations and scarecrows, Child Friendly Haunted Hayrides)
Deer Feed: Late September to early November

Days / Hours of Operation

Call ahead for picking times & conditions for different crops.

Please Call ahead (920) 621-1148 (Farmer Suzzy/Suzanne) or (920) 621-6971 (Andy)

During Strawberry Season: (click for more details) CALL AHEAD

Located on the WEST FRONTAGE RD.: 5810 Heimke Ln. Please call ahead- hours and days open can vary depending on ripening and how many people come out to pick what is ripe. 

During Pumpkin Season: (click for more details)
Open daily from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EAST FRONTAGE RD.: 5687 Steinkraus Ln. (Just north of McDonalds at the Farmhouse Ice Cream Parlor)

Child Friendly Haunted Hayrides: EAST FRONTAGE RD. 5687 Steinkraus Ln. (Just North of McDonalds at the Farmhouse Ice Cream Parlor)
9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  every Saturday and Sunday starting Mid/late September through October.

Adult supervision is required at all times. We are not responsible for any injuries under Wisconsin Act 269.

For the safety and comfort of your pet and our guests we kindly ask you to  leave your pet at home. Service animals welcome.

We accept CASH or a check made to: BerryLand, LLC or Credit Cards (3.5% extra).

For the safety and comfort of your pet and our guests we kindly ask you to  leave your pet at home. Service animals welcome.

News and Updates

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Thank you for an amazing Fall season! We cannot wait to see you spring 2024!

Fall 2023
We are getting so excited for 2023 Family Fall time at our Pumpkin Patch! Make sure to come see us for an amazing fall experience! Pumpkins, Gourds, fall decorations, Child Friendly Haunted Hayrides, Munchkin Maze, Ducky Derby & More.

**Starting Monday, September 18th, 2023, will be open daily from 9am-5:30pm through October for all the fall fun!

Saturday & Sundays: Child friendly haunted hayride includes any pumpkin you pick from the pumpkin patch and all the fall fun activities, games and picture opportunities for just $10/person or to just do the fall fun activities, games and picture opportunities is $3/person admission.

Monday – Friday: $3/person admission for all the fall fun activities, games and picture opportunities.

**Children under 2 are free (this does not include a pumpkin.
**If just purchasing pumpkins upfront or holiday decor there is no admission.

We will have squash, gourds, decorative pumpkins, mums, cornstalks, pumpkins of all sizes and more for sale! Come get your fall decor at Berryland!

🍓 All rows lead to BerryLand! 🍓

That’s a wrap on our 2023 season. We want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone that came out and endured the rough patch this year. This is our new strawberry patch for the 2024 season, which we are extremely excited about!!!!

The rest of this summer we will be working hard on the new strawberry patch, growing our pumpkins, mums, squash, gourds and all the fall fun! We will also be enjoying our family time! We cannot wait to see y’all this fall at BerryLand Pumpkins located at 5687 Steinkraus Ln, Abrams, WI 54101.

Our family from 2023 strawberry season!

Our family from 2022 strawberry season!

Rhubarb custard bar, yum

Asparagus picking, it’s a family tradition!

This baby takes her strawberry eating photo shoot very seriously! Get your baby a onesie too. Limited sizing available. Contact Farmer Suzzy 920-621-1148 to order.

Yoga at the farm during asparagus season!